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We are your resource library. We are your cheering section. We believe that you will make a difference.

We will inspire you to realize your potential and build healthy communities. So, if you see yourself as a positive community-builder, this site will support your personal and professional development by focusing on six key competencies that will help you realize your potential at home, at school, at work and in your neighbourhood.

Realize Your Potential

The Potentiality focuses on the six key competencies that research shows are the pillars of personal and professional success:


Communicating means speaking and writing with simplicity, clarity and influence. This is the most sought-after skill on Earth because we talk and write to people every day. You will use this competency to present your ideas.


Collaborating means that the potential of a project is realized by a team and not individuals. Classrooms, workplaces and dense urban neighbourhoods require effective teams to drive change and inspire fun. You will use this competency to collaborate like a symphony.

Learning & Thinking

Learning & Thinking means finding new tools and strategies to understand and solve life’s challenges. Intellectual capital is the driving force of today’s knowledge economy. You will use these competencies to transform problems into solutions.

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity means artistry. Poetry, web design, math, bicycle repair, public speaking. Regular people do such things in regular ways. Artists make such things memorable. Creativity is the soul of a community. You will use this competency to do what you love in the most exceptional way possible.


Adaptability means comfort with change. Being flexible and open to compromise is what drives consensus and resilience. You will use this competency to be fresh and positive in an uncertain world.


Leadership means inspiring others to do something. Our planet needs leaders like you to save it (no pressure).You will use this competency to get the best out of people.

Every successful community-builder needs these competencies in their toolbox.

These skills and abilities are as diverse as they are critical for your career – for the record, we define “career” in the most holistic sense, where it means the work you are paid to do, how you volunteer, how you play, how you build relationships, and how you live. At its best, your successful career should be you living life as the best version of yourself.

As part of The Potentiality, you’ll also find case studies that analyze how changemakers use these competencies at home, at work, in the classroom, and in their neighbourhood. These case studies are designed to provide practical and pragmatic advice on how leveraging key competencies can help you address challenging situations that organizations have dealt with in the past (you will probably also find this sort of thing in places like The Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc.com, and the Globe and Mail because imitation is the truest form of flattery and they really, really like our ideas).

Be sure to check out our Network of Community-Builders, too, and learn what it takes to be a great communicator, inventor, leader, connector, and thinker.

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