The city of Vancouver is trying out a new recycling pilot project by introducing a series of transparent bins near by garbage containers across the city, according to the Vancouver Sun.

The aim of the program is to make it easier for binners to scavenge up cans and bottles. Apparently there will by 60 new bins spread across the city including at Kitsilano, Sunset, English Bay and Second beaches and along Commercial Drive between Venables and 13th Avenue.

The new bins will be specially designed not only to be see through, but also easy to open and access. That means binners no longer need to blindly reach into a dark garbage bin negotiating broken class and other poky objects. It will also mean lots more spots for folks to recycle their drink containers.

While some observers connected to the binning industry say we’re likely to continue to see people rooting through trash cans, I have to applaud this initiative. Not only will it make life easier for an often marginalized population, but it also makes sense for all of us who detest the idea of tossing a bottle or can in the trash or propping it awkwardly next to the garbage can.

Good on the city for coming up with a solution that’s both cheap and effective.

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