Seven Ways to Embed Co-operative Principles in Your Organization

Co-operatives are an underutilized model for running an enterprise. October 16-20 is International Co-operatives Week and I work for one of Canada’s pre-eminent co-ops, Vancity Credit Union. I am quite biased in my thinking that the world needs more co-operatives. I...
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Pop Culture Career Lessons

We analyze popular culture happenings with an eye for important career lessons. Movies, music, sports, memes, we mine what’s trending to bring you career lessons that are perfectly on fleek.

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Have Better Conversations

How to Ask for Feedback

A focus of this blog is to help you have better conversations. Enhancing dialogue makes our communities more engaged, diverse and healthier. Accepting and offering feedback are essential elements of great conversations. Giving and receiving praise or criticism isn’t...

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How We Will Realize Our Potential in 2017

Every January our team at The Potentiality engages in our New Year’s tradition of making public commitments about how we will realize our potential. For 2017, here is how Godfrey, Michael, Kurt, and I are leveraging our talents and stretching ourselves in 2017. Here's...

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